Children's Ministry Conference 2023

Saturday, October 7th


Conference Info

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Keynote Speaker and General Sessions

We are so excited to be able to partner once again with our friends at Sports World!

This year our guest speaker will be snowboarder Tom Gilles, bringing God's word

and exciting ministry opportunities with CEF and Sports World.

  • General Session 1

    Tom Gilles

    Tom Gilles is a former professional snowboarder. He was a world record holder and has appeared in extreme sports movies and TV commercials. As a high school student, Tom dreamed of being a professional snowboarder. He moved to Lake Tahoe, and the first day on the slopes, his dream took off. He met a professional cinematographer and ended up in the biggest snowboarding movie of the year. Tom now travels the country, helping people navigate the ups and downs of making their dreams a reality. “Mountains are a lot like dreams. Some will just sit back and stare, but for those who are willing to charge up, I guarantee you the view is worth it.” During our general sessions, Tom will share from the Bible and his ministry with Sports World, as well as highlighting the potential impact of ministry partnerships and resources in New York City.

  • General Session 2

    Managing the Classroom – Dynamics of Discipline

    Betsy Maddox

    Kids are made to wiggle and move, and that’s ok! But sometimes that can go way too far. Distractions can keep kids from hearing and learning the things you have to share with them. It’s crucial to know how to set expectations, be consistent and manage your classroom well. In this workshop, you will learn the sources of common classroom disruptions and practical methods to minimize distractions and maximize learning in your classroom. 

Workshop Options

On the day of the conference you'll be able to choose from a list of workshop options like these. 

Pick three that will be most beneficial to you, or bring a team so you can have someone in every session. 

You won't want to miss a thing!

Workshop Session 1

  • Sports World & CEF: Impact Partners for Your Church

  • Speak Up - Speak Out: Training Children to Share their Faith
  • Unveiling Truth: Christ-Centered Sunday School Insights

Workshop Session 2

  • Sports World & CEF: Impact Partners for Your Church

  • Foundations for Life: Bible Verses - More than Memorizing
  • Building Your Kids Ministry Philosophy

Workshop Session 3

  • Reaching the Community with a Christmas Party Outreach

  • Navigating the Gender Dilemma

  • Raising Godly Kids: Parents Matter

  • Unveiling Truth: Christ-Centered Sunday School Insights

    Rev. Jong Dae Choi

    Whatever name it goes by, Sunday School, Kids Ministry, or Children’s Church is a unique opportunity to teach children about Jesus Christ. Each week, you get a precious few minutes to spend with the kids you teach. How do you use those moments to best point kids to Jesus? What are the core values of your Sunday School? In this engaging and insightful session, we will embark on a journey to discover the profound impact Christ-centered teaching has on the lives of children. We will explore ways to create a Christ-focused atmosphere for kids to be a part of each week. Join us in strengthening your weekly ministry to kids! 

  • Raising Godly Kids: Parents Matter

    Rev. Jong Dae Choi

    It may “take a village,” but raising godly kids is primarily the responsibility of their parents. It’s one of the most important tasks, special privileges and greatest challenges that parents will ever undertake. God calls and invites parents to be the core nurturers and role models, and never just spectators. So it’s our job as kids ministry workers to help support and equip them in their God-given role. This illuminating session will explore parents' profound impact on shaping their children's spiritual journey using thought-provoking questions, personal encouragement, and constant prayer. We will uncover practical and biblical tips that empower parents to nurture a strong and vibrant faith in their children. Whether you are learning for yourself or you plan to pass the info on to others, this is a workshop you don’t want to miss.

  • Speak Up—Speak Out – Training Children to Share Their Faith

    Josiah Maddox

    Before Jesus left the earth he said that His followers would be witnesses to the world of the Good News! When should a believer start witnessing? How old should they be? Let’s embrace the excitement and boldness of children, and train them with tools to begin a lifetime of sharing the Gospel. In this workshop we will talk about ways you can encourage and equip the next generation to powerfully share their faith, starting right now!

  • Reaching the Community with a Christmas Party Outreach

    Monica Winter

    Each year it seems like the Christmas music and decorations all come out earlier and earlier. You might even think it’s too early. But it’s never too early to start planning a Christmas outreach in your community. We can help! Christmas is a special time, when people who may never step foot in your church are more open to things about Jesus. It’s Christmas after all. Let’s not miss this opportunity! You can reach kids and families in your neighborhood with your very own Christmas Party Club outreach. A CEF Christmas Party Club includes a Gospel-centered Bible lesson, festive games and songs, a memory verse, and more to teach children about the true story of Christmas, through a fun and exciting celebration! Learn more and start planning your Christmas Party Club in this workshop!

  • Foundations for Life – Bible Verses – More than Memorizing

    Christopher Kotecha

    We probably don’t have to convince you that memorizing scripture is important. Kids have a great capacity for memorization. But are the children in your class memorizing scripture as just a string of words in order to win a prize? Or are they grasping the meaning of the verses you teach them? You can help kids hide God’s word in their hearts and minds with fun games and a depth of teaching that allows them to meditate on God’s word and understand it. In this workshop you will learn to teach Bible verses that will stick, as the kids understand the concepts and apply them to make a real difference in their lives. 

  • The Gender Dilemma

    Chris Kotecha

    Our culture is adrift in a sea of gender ideology. Ministering to the children immersed in this philosophy is challenging, but there is hope! Scripture anchors us to the sure and solid foundation critical to addressing these issues. Be a part of this workshop to gather insight into the gender dilemma and gain practical helps to prepare you to share the truth in love.

  • Building Your Kids Ministry Philosophy

    Ben Denney

    Your approach to children's ministry can look vastly different than the church down the block, and that's ok. But it's vitally important that you have a specific plan and vision for your kids program. It's so much more than filling a schedule with childcare volunteers. Instead you can develop a deliberate strategy and philosophy of how you and your church will reach and disciple the children and families God entrusts to you.

  • Sports World & CEF - Impact Partners for Your Church

    Tom Gilles

    God made us better together! The body of Christ is made up of many parts and we can accomplish more, with greater success and fruit, when we work together. You'll have two opportunities to be a part of this session and hear about how Sports World and CEF can partner with your specific community and context to reach children for Christ!